Track Innovations Ltd

TRACK approached us with their mission to make managing your property finances a delightful and simple experience, with the aim of making tough calls easy.

The Opportunity

We advised Track on our approach on how to create an app for a bootstrapped startup. With our design led process. We brought their vision to life with a well designed interactive prototype. They successfully proved to investors that we can make property finances a delightful experience.

We had to replace a bewildering puzzle of documents with a few clicks and to make complex matters approachable. We called upon the latest AI technology for property valuations and plugged into best-in-class financial aggregation services to do all the work on the users behalf.

The Solution

Creating your personalised property dashboard has never been easier with our painless onboarding process. Just enter your postcode, tell us who owns what and connect to your bank. The property app instantly gathers the value of your home and mortgage balance, while also taking into account any contributions from family or partners.

Tracks own proprietary logic uses machine learning to aggregate and calculates this data. This produces instant home valuations and projections 3x more accurate than Zoopla. Now, it’s a whole lot easier to make smart decisions about your property finances.

Feel & Look

Based on the notion of ‘making sense of data’, we created nice infographics, icons & illustrations to facilitate understanding.
We put together a palette of contemporary colors with those traditionally associated with the property & financing industry. With the graphics, animations and material design styles, users will quickly feel that Track is their pleasant home for their finances.

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