About Us

London’s Elegance meets Alpine Engineering

Our story started back in 2014 when Styliff was founded as a mobile app startup. Two years and two accelerators later our technology brought us to Silicon Valley, where we fell in love with the high potential of the tech world. Following a successful partnership with Lidl and Reinsurance Group of America, we realised we had more to give and we transformed into a digital product studio in 2017.

Located in London and nestled in the Alps of Slovenia, we have been able to grow into a digital powerhouse that builds digital products for both Fortune 500 companies and ground-breaking startups.

Partnered with Top Accelerators

We are partners with 20+ top accelerators all over the world from Future Labs in Singapore, TechStars in London, through to the biggest concept stage accelerator in the world based in Silicon Valley backed by NASA. In 2020, we created Peach Collective. An exclusive investment network that helps best-in-class startups raise capital to grow their business.

Design Culture

We adopted our design principles in Silicon Valley, where you have to stand out in a crowded mobile app market. Our designs make sure your customers feel that they are using the next best thing in the market to beat your competitors and help raise investment!

Without championing UX, pixel perfect UI and adding to the latest trends, our app designs would not be as well crafted as they are! After all, your interface design is where you create your first impression, emotional connection and lasting relationship with your users. Design is your best marketing and IP.

Who Are We?

We are senior app creators, entrepreneurs and mobile & web app developers. Our versatile stack allows us to develop anything from AI chat bots, 3D WebGl experiences to gamified fitness trackers or enterprise CRM solutions.

We are located in London and also nestled in the Alps of Slovenia. We have invested in the Slovenian tech scene and become the main sponsor for the leading university coding competition where IOS & Android Developers battle it out to see who is the best app builder to win prizes and a place at Styliff.

Grega Trobec


Company’s architect &
world class designer, 10+ yrs of exp. Created or managed 50+ products for world’s leading brands.

Lucas Poelman


Concept creator of globally award winning innovations. Ex-pro tennis player, No 2 in Europe with UK team.

Charlie Regis


Director of global invest. network Peach Collective. Techstars mentor. Our only biz dev asset for 25 man studio.

Jan Mesaric


9 years of experience of building software, apps and leading agile teams to develop high end products.


Tag Heuer Global Startup Bootcamp 2018

RGAx Big Ideas Competion 2018 Winner

We offer full-cycle product development


We find the product's value proposition and USP through a series of workshops, research and user interviews.


A seamless, pleasant-to-use user experience with a beautiful interface. Our apps sport the 'wow' factor that everybody loves!


We build robust solutions that are ready to scale. Dedicated agile teams with quality assurance.

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