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Talent Tin

Talent Tin is a creative fashion community that is used by top fashion brands to hire the best freelance talent.

The Challenge

Talent Tin approached us with their mission of building a digital community for the best creative talent in fashion. All the while, to create a platform for fashion brands to source high-quality creative freelancers.

The main challenge of the platform wasn’t building this new form of recruitment process from promotion through to management. It was to design a platform that represents the cornerstone of innovation & creativity for the fashion world.

The Solution

Talent Tin is a new form of digital recruitment platform that starts with an application process to vet the best creative talent in the fashion world. The selected freelancers created their profiles to showcase their portfolio in a social network environment and access projects within high-quality fashion brands. We ensured the freelancer is paid on time and their intellectual property is protected.

For fashion brands, the platform would manage jobs from application all the way through to completion. There was a multitude of elements that needed to link together to enable the recruitment process to pass effortlessly & transparently for both employer and employee.

Feel & Look

Given the stylish nature of the fashion industry and the creative disposition of the freelancers that this platform targets, we employed our modern & trendy designs to appeal to this creative community.

The visual design was developed to communicate three things: 1) market-leadership for innovation in the fashion world 2) A hub for creativity & expression 3) A seamless and professional experience.

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