Crypto Payments
Eligma Ltd

Introducing GoCrypto — an infrastructure for accepting crypto payments with 4 million users and 500 merchants worldwide.

The Challenge

We were tasked with establishing the brand and website development of GoCrypto. The challenge was to create a trustworthy brand when the biggest problem in the crypto market is the lack of security and transparency. In light of all the flaws and loopholes, and continuing cases of hacks and breaches of exchanges.

We needed to create a brand to gain the trust of numerous users and the cooperation of retailers into accepting the benefits of cryptocurrency. The goal of the website is to onboard merchants and make the world GoCrypto — step by step, store by store!

The Solution

We partnered closely with the Eligma team to develop a brand purpose. We conducted workshops to work on customer profiling, competitor analysis, brand identity and messaging, to the digital platform and content within it.

We then went on an exploration of the logo and developed a fresh, energetic and modern visual system to bringing crypto and tech closer to the people in their everyday life. We went with the elephant logo because Eligma is building a payment network strong as an elephant, a payment solution friendly as an elephant, a business forthcoming and transparent as an elephant, and a company culture as open and grounded. We believe this an outstanding brand in the world of crypto that is welcomed and tailored to ensure transparency and consumer protections.

Feel & Look

As we designed the website, we established brand guidelines and standards that communicate how to best represent the brand across channels.

The new guidelines help them express their positioning, personality, and vision. Along with this, it provides direction for illustration, video and photography, as well as the visual and verbal standards that we refined to define their new brand identity.

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